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Male Richard PINO

United Kingdom Studied occupational therapy in United Kingdom

Unique Views: 573 sep Total Candidate Views: 912

Last Updated: 11-May-2018

Main Country of Interest : United Kingdom
Region: All Regions
Other Country of Interest : Japan
Region: All Regions
Other Country of Interest : Spain

Gender : Male

Year of Graduation : 2016

Country of Education : United Kingdom

Available from : 11/06/2018

Primary Country of Registration : United Kingdom

My Profile Summary - Please contact me for an up-to-date copy of my resume:

Being a newly qualified Occupational Therapist and having worked previously in social services setting, I believe working in a new setting would be a great opportunity to progress my profession, to gain valuable skills, enhance my knowledge and general outlook of the basis to occupational therapy.

My previous job in social services was in the Reablement team, Adult social services as an Occupational Therapist. I conducted many community visits on a regular weekly basis. Service users referred ranged in age (from young adult to elderly) as well as medical conditions. Several service users did present with mental health conditions alongside physical co-morbidities.

I have a positive and adaptable approach enabling me to integrate my skills to various situations in practice. I am very committed and constantly aim to enrich my knowledge and ability wherever there is room for improvement. I have been known to communicate and express myself effectively and precisely and to work closely within multidisciplinary teams. Supporting other staff members with their caseloads, feedback any information that needs to be communicated, attend meetings for them if needed.

Conducting joint assessments with another therapist has always been very beneficial as both therapists can triangulate what they are seeing when they are assessing the patient, be it mobility or functionality performance. They could share their views, learn from each other and decide best approaches and therapy the patient needs. I believe I would be a positive addition to the multidisciplinary team and I hope to learn more aspects involved in these settings. I have always valued team dynamics, stressing the importance of team work in order to deliver high quality service.

My placements in university were in various settings. They all were extremely beneficial in making me apt to the post and being qualified for the role. My first placement setting was in an acute mental health inpatient hospital (7 weeks In Worcester New town Hospital). The service user’s age range: young adults and adults of working age. Diagnosis: borderline personality disorders. I followed closely pathways of patients that were there, worked closely with patient so I saw gradual development. I then experienced how to work in an emergency department, performing initial and functional assessments and developing my clinical reasoning and understanding more conditions.

Preceding placement was in a Community Rehabilitation Physical Disability ward which had strong ethos for promoting health and well-being for the elderly. Established a good sense of autonomy and liaised with others in my environment in order to deliver best healthcare practice. Many patients appeared to have benefited from my input in providing them with active relaxation and Mindfulness techniques. By the last three weeks I was providing training to staff in relation to stress-reduction exercises.

Final placement in third year: an Acute Physical setting; the service was in an elderly care ward for discharge planning. It involved manual handling, various types of communication and assessments in the clinic, schools and nursing homes. Much of the work involved preventing many long-stay patients deconditioning. I was given more responsibility, developed effective communication with patients and staff, increased my confidence in managing my caseload

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